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Reviewers needed: Hands-On Science

I’ve been busy this week, but the latest revision of Hands-On Science is finally complete!  This book is for K-6, and for multi-grade families it is perfect.  It is chock full of experiments and activities on these topics:

  • Matter
  • Density
  • Volume
  • Thermodynamics
  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Rivers
  • Oceans
  • Erosion
  • Aerodynamics
  • Four Forces of Flight
  • Astronomy
  • Orbital Motion

My favorite activity in the book is The Molecule Game, which the author, Liz Brough, has introduced throughout the text to demonstrate concepts from molecular motion to erosion.  Basically it is a bunch of kids running around the room in organized chaos under guided instructions to demonstrate a point.  Children careen off the walls with instructions like “heat up!” and “cool down!”.

Folks, its 200 pages of experiments and activities that use everyday materials you already have around the house such as bricks, ping pong balls, balloons, modeling clay, and jars.

And I need 3 bloggers to review the new book!

Do you think you would be a good candidate?  Do you have children being homeschooled in the K-6 grades?  I need someone who can set aside time enough to do 4 or 5 experiments at least throughout the book in order to provide a review by May 30th.  Think about it, because I know we’re all busy with the school year!

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Leave a comment stating why you think you’d be the blogger to review Hands-On Science.  Head over to the Castle Heights Press store website to look at the product listing.  You can follow Homeschool Science on twitter and facebook if you like, but that’s not how I’ll be selecting the reviewing bloggers.

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Focus on Science

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Heart of the Matter Online’s January digital magazine: “Focus on Science”.

Great articles in the magazine!  My favorite one is on Catapults and Trebuchets.  Very cool.

And Pssst!… Castle Heights Press has an article on page 34, with a coupon code at the top for 15% off your purchase!

Pair this with the One Week Off unit study sale on right now, and you have quite a deal!

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National Public Lands Day

According to their website, National Public Lands Day is “the nation’s largest hands-on volunteer effort to improve and enhance the public lands Americans enjoy. In 2009, 150,000 volunteers built trails and bridges, removed trash and invasive plants, planted trees and restored our water resources.”  And it’s tomorrow!  On September 25, 2010, there will be a nationwide collaborative project to restore and support public lands.  By clicking here to go to the NPLD website, you can enter your zip code and find a project in which to participate tomorrow.  Where we live, I found weed removal, trash pickup, trail construction, creek clean-up, fishing access improvement, shoreline stabilization, construction of hardened fishing sites, forest restoration, and more.  If you have nothing planned tomorrow and you want to do some work on public lands, now is your chance! 

And if that isn’t quite your speed, in celebration of National Public Lands Day, the national parks are opening their doors for free admission.  If you live near one, head on out and enjoy! 

And if this all sounds great, but its just too short notice, like for our family, head on over here and become a fan on facebook so you can get advance notice for next year!