A Simpler Science Lab Manual

Are you looking for science lab for your high schooler or middle school student?

Maybe you researched everything you could find, and bought the lab manual that goes with your textbook, if there was one.

It’s possible you started thumbing through the lab manual and realized you needed to make different molar solutions of acids, or buy several hundred dollars worth of lab equipment.  You headed over to Home Science Tools and saw that the kit costs over $400….  You’re probably on a budget.

Maybe some of the labs look great but they are too time-consuming for your schedule, or too in depth for your student’s interest level.

Maybe you need to add some dissections because your student is headed for a biology degree, or pre-vet program.

You can use one of our science lab manual e-books to replace, augment, or simplify your science lab year.

How?  These books take universal high school science topics and concepts, and offer a lab you can do with equipment and materials you may already have.  Beakers can be mason jars.  Acid concepts can be taught with household acids.  Thermometers do not need to be professional lab quality.  You get the idea.

Answer keys and complete lists of items needed for the experiments are incorporated in the manuals.

Our books were developed with the concept of incorporating “real science” into laboratory manuals designed for every age group. By this, we mean that the scientific method can be applied to any experiment, no matter how simple. Experiments that are age-specific do not also need to be watered down in terms of their application of the scientific thought process. Our books encourage your child to think for themselves. To ask questions, and to seek the answers. To develop a hypothesis, and follow the experiment all the way through to its conclusion.

Each of these texts was developed by a homeschooling mom and tested with homeschooled children. The science labs were used as college preparatory lab courses for high school homeschooled students. They can be used with any text you choose. You can pick and choose the experiments to suit your course of study or resources.

Browse our lab manuals and if you have questions, please contact us!

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