Activity: Measuring Rainfall

This one is for young children, early elementary age. Let us know how your children enjoyed this activity!

Equipment Needed:
Narrow plastic bottle with flat bottom.
Coffee can, larger than the plastic bottle.
Waterproof pen, or masking tape.
Small rocks or gravel.

1.  Cut the top off of the bottle.  Turn the top upside down and rest it inside the bottom of the bottle.  This will act as a funnel, though it isn’t really necessary. 

2.  Make a scale in centimeters and one in inches on the masking tape using the ruler as a guide. 

3.  Place the rain gauge inside the coffee can.  The coffee can will keep it from getting knocked over. 

4.  Put some rocks in the coffee can around the rain gauge to help weight the can down. 

5.  Place the can outside, away from trees or shrubs.  You want to make sure that only rain can fall into your gauge.

6.  After it rains, take the bottle out of the can and measure how much rain has fallen.

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