My First Science Notebook

A science lab for K-3!


My First Science Notebook is for the student. In this book the kindergartener through third grader can learn the skills of science as the workbook takes them through observation, data recording, scientific drawings, and experiments.

There are a few classic experiments within including directions, so that the instructor can have some ready-to-use experiments. By working within the set of skills the student already has, the instructor can teach some of the skills of the scientist at student’s own level. The notebooks also have fill-in pages which may be copied and used to create lab reports for the experiments found in other manuals. In this way the haphazard learning from the little experiment books can be made concrete and memorable. The child will be able to recall an experiment done last year if he or she has made a report with drawings and/or photos.

This book is also available electronically, a highly recommended format for printing pages on demand!


Kathleen Julicher
Paperback, 41 pp.