Hands-On-Science vol 1: Particles in Motion

Elementary school physics: a K-6 physical science book with units on Thermodynamics, Weather, Aerodynamics, and Astronomy!



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Written by a homeschooling mom who is also a physicist, Hands-On Science is full of great, easy experiments which teach foundational principles of science.

Starting with particles in motion, this K-6 book covers matter, density, volume, changes of state, weather, climate, bodies of water, aerodynamics, and astronomy.  Features include ideas for unit studies, further study, more challenging topics, and plenty of hands-on activities such as The Molecule Game, paper airplane building, and field trips!

It includes enough experiments for one per day for a year.  Of course, you don’t have to do all those, but you have plenty to choose from to match to the grade level of your students, K-6.  The book is perfect for multi-grade families, so all children can participate in the science experiments.

Hands-On Science is newly revised, with formatting for easy-to-read experiments and units, and many updates.

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Download Sample Pages (.pdf 475kB)

Paperback, 200 pp.