Experiences in Chemistry e-Book

This college prep chemistry lab e-Book covers matter, kinetic theory, reactions, balancing equations, empirical formulas, and more!



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Experiences in Chemistry is the electronic version of our laboratory manual written with the small school in mind. It teaches fundamental chemical principles using classic experiments. This revised edition is better formatted with added text and an improved layout so you can easily follow the experiments!

The lab manual uses equipment which can be found easily, whether in the grocery store or from a supplier. In the front of the manual, a complete list of equipment and chemicals identifies where to locate each item. Most of the experiments use easy-to-get household chemicals and equipment, demonstrating that you do not need expensive equipment to teach a high school chemistry lab.

Experiences in Chemistry can accompany any high school chemistry text and prepares the student for college level chemistry lab.

The book teaches principles of laboratory by concentrating on the fundamentals of chemistry:

  • Density
  • The Properties of Matter
  • The Kinetic Theory
  • Gas Laws
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Balancing Equations
  • Re-dox Reactions
  • Acid-Base Reactions
  • Rates of Reactions
  • Empirical Formulas
  • Production and Characteristics of Gases

Experiments have questions which use real world applications to help the student understand the practical meaning of the chemical principles involved.

Safety rules for the chemistry lab are emphasized- you will find them throughout the experiments and listed in the front.

The answer key is included, too.

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Download Sample Pages (.pdf 385kB)

Kathleen Hooper Julicher