Experiences in Biology eBook

This college prep biology lab covers dissection, microscope experiments, ecology, botany, cellular biology, and zoology.



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The laboratory manual Experiences in Biology is a diverse collection of experiments supporting any high school biology text. A few of the experiments require a microscope, several are dissections, other experiments take place out in the garden, and still others are laboratory experiments. You choose your own 12-15 experiments according to interest and equipment on hand.

The manual concentrates on the development of laboratory skills and understanding of some of the underlying themes in biological research. One of these themes is that form and function are related. Another of these principles is the necessity of naming and classifying the biological world.

Many high school biology labs today offer only virtual dissections or none at all- one way to use this book is to provide a detailed dissection and lab guide for fetal pig, sharks, sea stars (aka starfish), earthworms, frogs, and grasshoppers.  All are included!

Topics within the book are: Zoology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cellular Biology, Botany, and Ecology.

Also featuring:

  • A list of objectives for a high school biology course
  • Instructions in record keeping, making drawings, and the use of the microscope
  • Drawing paper templates to be copied
  • A discussion of the scientific method
  • A list of materials needed and their sources
  • Answer key

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