A Tree Sword Drill

Are you familiar with Sword Drills?  These are a fun way to learn the Bible, usually referencing a particular topic, in this case, trees!

Students rapidly look up verses, and it can be done as a contest (with instructions here) or not.

Here are some verses pertinent to our tree study.  Enjoy!

Gen. 2:9

Gen. 3:22

Gen. 6:14

Gen. 8:11

Gen. 18:1

Ex. 3:2 (not really tree)

Ex. 4:2-3

Ex. 7:9

Ex. 25:13

Ex. 35:31

1 Sam 14:2

2 Sam. 18:9

1Kings 5:8-10

1 Kings 10:12

Psalm 1

Matthew 7:16-20

Matt. 13:31-32

Matt 21:18-22

Rev 22:2


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